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Pine Ridge Equine Hospital

Equine Biosecurity

Athletic horse running on dirt track

Common Sense Biosecurity Measures at Horse Events:

1.  Do not use a shared water tank with other horses.  In other words water & feed from your own buckets.

2.  Do not let your horse "nose" with other horses while you are standing around waiting your turn to perform.

3.  Tie your horse where it cannot nose with other horses.

4.  Do not share tack...especially bridles.

5.  Avoid using a water hose that is not yours.  When filling your horse's water bucket do not submerge the water hose down into the bucket.  THE VIRUS CAN SPREAD FROM BUCKET TO BUCKET.   Consider filling your horse's water bucket directly from the water spicket.

6.  Do not share equipment to clean stalls.

7. Do not go into another horse's stall if it looks sick, is coughing or has nasal discharge.  STAY OUT!

8.  If stalled next to an obviously sick horse, request to be moved.

9.  By monitoring your horse's attitude and temp (less than 101.5) can help you detect early signs of infection.

For continued up-to-date information regarding equine herpesvirus-1 visit our website at