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Lameness Services

Pine Ridge Equine Hospital has veterinarians totaling over 70 years of experience in sports medicine and lameness evaluations covering all disciplines of equine athletes. We pride ourselves on our diagnostic capabilities considering the most common reason for poor performance in the athletic horse is lameness related.

Many lameness problems are diagnosed with a thorough examination combined with diagnostic nerve and or joint blocks.  Lameness examinations may be performed on the farm or at the hospital, as our indoor lameness arena measuring 30’ x 100’ allows exams to be performed year round.

In addition to diagnostic nerve and joint blocks, digital radiography and ultrasound are readily available allowing an accurate diagnosis and subsequent therapeutic regimen.  Based upon the lameness evaluation and diagnostics performed, a therapeutic plan will be developed that works best for you and your horse.

Therapeutics available at Pine Ridge Equine Hospital include: intra-articular joint injections, navicular bursa injections, shock wave therapy, arthroscopic surgery, neurectomy, RenoVo therapy, IRAP therapy, laser therapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP),. Furthermore, the veterinarians work closely with a certified equine chiropractor and farriers for additional therapeutic options.  Additionally, support and education in maintenance therapy is available by our veterinarians.