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Externship Program

Pine Ridge Equine Hospital offers externships to veterinary students, veterinary technician students, and occasionally pre-veterinary students throughout the year.  Duration of the externship varies and can be tailored to the students needs.  Our goals are to provide a quality learning experience in a team oriented private practice setting, and help develop a solid foundation for your future career. 

Externs will spend adequate time with each veterinarian to learn different approaches and aspects to veterinary medicine, and assist the veterinarian as needed.  The veterinarians, technicians and staff enjoy the opportunity to teach and explain the different cases seen, and allow “hands-on” training when the opportunity is available.   

If you are interested in learning from the veterinarians and staff at Pine Ridge Equine Hospital during an externship contact Charlee Woods at (918) 827-8000 or e-mail at [email protected]